Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Majlis Berbuka Puasa (Imigresen, Damansara)

Wednesday night, majlis berbuka puasa for imigresen staff took place in damansara. We cater for 300 pax, all using dome for table settings. All in all, there were 25 tables, 25 domes and the rest is served on the buffet line should anyone feel hungry. The menu's for

Berbuka Puasa:

Nasi Putih
Ikan Kembung Goreng
Kari Kambing
Ayam Masak Merah
Telur Masin
Sambal Belacan
Kordial Sirap Oren
Satay Ayam & Daging
Ketupat Nasi, Timun & Bawang
Kuah Kacang
Ice -cream (dessert)

Moreh :

Teh Tarik & Kopi 'O'
Bubur Kacang Durian
Kuih Akok (kelantanese delight)

B'buka time...

main course: kari kambing berkentang

Telur masin & sambal belacan can't be left behind..

pakcik zainal's "satay"- favourite snack of all times

p/s: imigresen also celebrating the orphanage home for their fasting berbuka puasa

Monday, August 17, 2009

Suhana's Reception in Taman Botani, Putrajaya...

Without further ado, though my entry is very late now..since the reception took place on the
8th August 2009...I'm fascinated with taman botani, putrajaya..the scenery is enough to put up a very relax, cozy, and enjoyable experience both for the guest as well as the brides &
groom family, enjoy suhana's reception virtually...

All tents setup, arabian fully underlayer
banquet chairs with cover & ribbon for
all guest..perfect setup for garden wedding.

Corner view of the garden, with food stall
for guest to enjoy the reception..while
catching up with relatives...

3-tier wedding cake complimentary from us,
with our package backed with suhana's gorgeous pelamin.

Pelamin to main table view facing the lake,
taman botani, putrajaya.

Since taman botani, putrajaya has a poetic lake scenery, we have arrange the "meja beradap"
back facing the lake, though the whether that day is pretty hot..its been very compromising with the wind that accompanied the sunshine..

Three stall arranged by the lake side, for relatives & friends guest to catch up with each other..above, coffee & teh tarik corner with traditional malay kuih.

Roasted lamb, one of the stall..first to close
(too many fans)

Just enough for everyone, our thirst quenching cendol
is the second to go after lamb..suits the weather i guess

We from Yeob Catering have a pleasant time working with suhana's family members in making her reception a memorable ones..however, i do have one regret since we're very busy making sure the events runs smoothly, is taking pictures with the lovely bride & groom..Suhana clad in maroon red kebaya, with exclusive touch of elina lamat as the make-up artist...she's phenomenal!..

p/s: will try my best to get suhana's picture
- So happy everything runs smoothly for suhana wedding...hingga ke akhir hayat tau
suhana :)